Frauenliebe und Leben

By Robert Schumann

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The year 1840 has been labeled as his "year of song", which includes this song cycle, as well as three more song cycles, two "Liederkries's," and "Dicherliebe". "Frauenliebe und Leben"(A Women's Life and Love)depicts different periods in a women's life: love; marriage; child birth; and sudden death of her husband. This is quite prophetic, as it seems to be a mirror of what happened between his love and life with his wife, Clara. There are many other independent songs including one of his minor song cycles titled "Funf Lieder." The CD has a pamphlet with German to English translations. Mezzo-Soprano Anne Sofie von Otter's exquisite and dazzling interpretation of these songs are unparalleled. Schumann quotation - "The painter turns a poem into a painting. The musician sets a picture to music."

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