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Freakling by Lana Krumwiede

Freakling by Lana Krumwiede

In Taemon's world, the community of Deliverance, all activity and actions take place through the use of telekenesis.For example, no hands are needed when eating. One simply lifts the food into one's mouth through the power of thought. In fact, it is considered unseemly to use one's hands at all in the book Freakling, by Lana Krumweide. Additionally, Taemon is able to harness his psi in a rather unconventional way. He is able to let his mind wander.  This enables him to see into the inner workings of things.  But allowing one's mind to wander is forbidden.Taemon is an out-of-the-box thinker in a world that wants to box everyone in.

Taemon's older brother Yens is very jealous of any of his brother's successes.  Yens wants to become the next "True Son."  That is a highly-coveted position, and Yens is not going to let anyone, even his younger brother, get in his way. 

After a particularly traumatic accident, it becomes very evident that Taemon has lost his psi.  This has happened to others before, but it results in banishment from their community, and Taemon and his family are keenly aware of this.

The end result of losing one's psi is to be exiled to a community in which the inhabitants do not have psi and use their hands for everything. This is considered to be a disgrace. Taemon and his family struggle to keep his loss of psi a secret.  However, after a particularly problematic sporting event, Taemon's secret is revealed, and he is banished to the "dud farm."  Upon his arrival he feels out of place and struggles with everyday tasks as he learns to work with his hands.  He adapts quickly and is accepted into the community quickly. 

Taemon soon realizes that the members of his new community like their lifestyle.  They have no need for the psi that was held in such high esteem back in his former life.  In fact, as Taemon looks around he sees that the community is happy and well-adjusted. They create with their hands and display affection which was another component of everyday life that was missing from Taemon's previous world.

After becoming proficient with his hands and feeling comfortable in his surroundings, Taemon begins to notice that all is not as it seems on the outside. There are mysteries within his new home. Secrets are carefully guarded.  Realities are revealed to Taemon which force him back to his former community.  But once banished from Deliverance any attempts to reenter can result in death.