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His Royal Highness Frederick, Prince of Wales

By Sue Willis, CRRL Staff

From the Central Rappahannock Regional Library

"Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales (1707-1751)" Dictionary of National Biography. Volume VII, pp. 675-678
A detailed article from the revered source for British biography. Available in the reference section of the headquarters library.

George III: A Personal History by Christopher Hibbert
A more thorough and evenhanded examination of George III's character than Americans usually see. An early chapter is devoted to an exploration of George III's father, Prince Frederick.
Also available on audiocassette.

Hanoverian Britain and Empire: Essays in Memory of Philip Lawson (Ebook)
Examines topics of interest to modern researchers: the aristocracy; the British problem; the political role of women; British identity; and the problems of empire in both India and America. A NetLibrary product.

The New Cambridge Modern History: VII. The Old Regime 1713-63
A political, military, and diplomatic history of the period with a special emphasis on international trade, technological progress and colonization, and European domination.

"Prince Frederick, the Rebel Prince, Is Coming to the Fredericksburg Area Museum." Jayne Harding. The Virginia Heritage Times magazine, January 2002, pp. 5-7
A lively discussion of how the likeness of Frederick arrived in his namesake city two centuries after his death.
This issue is available in the CRRL's Virginiana Room. The Virginia Heritage Times is a continuation of the Fredericksburg Times magazine.

Royal Gardens by Roy Strong
Lovely photographs enhance this ode to British royal families' fascination with gardening. An entire chapter is devoted to the Prince Frederick and his wife's development of the gardens at Kew.

The Royal Griffin: Frederick Prince of Wales by John Walters.
A complete biography of Frederick. Available to peruse in the Virginiana collection.

From Mary Washington College:

Ballads and Songs Loyal to the Hanoverian Succession (1703-1761)
Period songs are an entertaining way to approach political history. This 32-page volume includes music.

Britain in the Hanoverian Age, 1714-1837, An Encyclopedia
A comprehensive work with extensive cross-references, old illustrations, and a chronology. Located in the reference section.

Caroline of England, An Augustan Portrait by Peter Quennell
Queen Caroline was an active political partner to her husband, George II, and well-known for her complete antipathy towards her son, Frederick.

Memoirs of the Reign of George the Second, From His Accession to the Death of Queen Caroline by John, Lord Hervey. 3 volumes
First-hand account by a member of George II's court written with a witty and poisonous pen. Prince Frederick features prominently. Only Queen Caroline and her daughter were spared his rancor.


On the Web

"Death of Frederick Prince of Wales." (1751) Richard Cavendish. History Today, March 2001 v51 i3 p52.
The full text of the article is available online at no charge to CRRL patrons at home through the database Expanded Academic ASAP.

The Household of Prince Frederick, 1729-51
One bone of contention between "Fretz" and his family was his request for a greater allowance to support his large household staff, almost a court unto itself.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Frederick's widow Augusta founded a botanic garden at their Kew estate which was later greatly expanded by their son, George III.

History of the Monarchy: The Hanoverians
An overview of the political situation that faced the House of Hanover upon their ascension to the throne. Includes the Hanoverian family tree.

A Web of English History: Frederick, Prince of Wales
Read about the "king to come" and his "Leicester House Set" who was spoken of by his mother as "the greatest ass, and the greatest liar, and the greatest canaille, and the greatest beast, in the whole world."

This webliography accompanied the Lunch With History lecture "The Restoration of HRH Frederick, Prince of Wales," presented by Lorraine Brevig, Richmond Conservation Studio, on March 19, 2003.