Full of Fall by April Pulley Sayre

Cover to Full of Fall

Fall into the amazingly detailed double-page photospreads in April Pulley Sayre’s Full of Fall. This big picture book is perfect for sharing with small ones, either in a group or for a lap-sit story session. With glowing colors and simple rhymes, this book should absolutely be on your toddler’s or preschooler’s storytime stack.

You’ll see close-ups of leaves and animals and see a tree stretching its branches overhead, just as if you were walking in the woods. There are names of things to say and know—ripples, reflections, berries, and bark—and even a little movement as “Wind sweeps—leaves blow!”

Then you and your child will see observe what happens to the leaves as the season continues: “They drift and dry. Their edges curl. They float and sink. They snag and swirl.” Until at last, it’s time to say, “Hello, snow.”

For interested readers, Sayre also includes a section at the end that has brief scientific explanations for what is so beautifully shown in the book.

Pick up Full of Fall for a read that’s full of peaceful wonder.

This book supports our Grow a Reader skills & practices of vocabulary and print motivation.