Get Away with a Graphic Novel

Whether you call them graphic novels or comic books, adventure stories told with a lot of pictures are a fun way to laze away a hot summer afternoon. You can journey on the high seas with Greek heroes, go on the hunt for Bigfoot, outwit forty thieves, or find your own way in a Twisted Journey with these colorful tales. The CRRL has many from which to choose, but this sampling is a good place to begin:

Modern Myths and Magic

The Elsewhere Chronicles. Book One, The Shadow Door
Four friends discover a movie projector that opens a passageway into a world threatened by creatures of shadow, where their only weapon is light.

The Goblin King Alaya Johnson
"The battle is on for a magic realm. Will you join the fearsome goblins or the dangerous elves? Can you escape all their tricks and traps?"
Part of the Twisted Journeys series.

The Storm in the Barn by Matt Phelan
In Kansas in the year 1937, young Jack Clark faces his share of ordinary challenges: local bullies, his father's failed expectations, a little sister with an eye for trouble. But he also has to deal with the effects of the Dust Bowl, including rising tensions in his small town and the spread of a shadowy illness. Certainly a case of "dust dementia" would explain who (or what) Jack has glimpsed in the Talbot's abandoned barn - a sinister figure with a face like rain. In a land where it never rains, it's hard to trust what you see with your own eyes, and harder still to take heart and be a hero when the time comes.

Tracking Bigfoot: An Isabel Soto Investigation by Terry Collins
Follow the adventures of Dr. Isabel Soto as she investigates the legends and evidence of the creature called Bigfoot.

Classic Adventures

Ali Baba: Fooling the Forty Thieves: An Arabian Tale retold by Marie P. Croall
From the pages of Arabian Nights comes an amazing tale of chance and adventure. Ali Baba, a poor man who makes his living selling wood, stumbles upon a secret cave where 40 bandits have been hiding priceless treasures. He enters the cave and decides to take some treasures for himself. Ali Baba's wife is thrilled at their newfound fortune--but when she borrows a scale to weigh the riches, Ali Baba's secret gets out. Now that the secret is revealed, will Ali Baba be able to keep his fortune? Or will the bandits get their revenge?

Guan Yu: Blood Brothers to the End: A Chinese Legend story by Dan Jolley
Guan Yu, an ancient Chinese warrior, fights side by side with his blood brothers Liu Bei and Zhang Fei to squash the menacing Yellow Scarves. He defends his country and his honor, but his troubles are just beginning. All over China, opponents pose grave challenges, each one more trying than the next. Will Guan Yu prevail against the forces that threaten him? Or will the obstacles prove too much for even the brave warrior to handle?

The Hound of the Baskervilles : a Sherlock Holmes mystery by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; retold by Martin Powell
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson travel to the bleak wastes of Dartmoor, England, to solve the mystery surrounding the late Sir Charles Baskerville and a ghostly hound.

Odysseus: Escaping Poseidon's Curse story by Dan Jolley
The Greek hero faces the Cyclops, the Sirens, and even Poseidon, the God of the Sea, on his way home from the Trojan War.

Thor and Loki: In the Land of Giants: A Norse Myth retold by Jeff Limke
Out of the great halls of Asgard, home of the Norse Gods...came one of the greatest Norse legends. Thor, powerful god of thunder, and his brother Loki, the trickster, were eager to resolve an argument: Does strength always win, or do brains always beat brawn? To find an answer, they travel to the strange and forbidding land of giants. There they will face a series of challenges that will prove once and for all which god is right. Or will it?

The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells; retold by Davis Worth Miller and Katherine McLean Brevard
As life on Mars becomes impossible, Martians and their terrifying machines invade the Earth.