Time to Thank Your Teachers

Before you finally finish your grade and head out for a summer of fun, there’s still one more thing to do. Your teachers have worked hard all year to get you ready for your future. So now it’s time to think about a little way to say thanks for all they do. Teachers are special people. They do not go into the job for the money they can make. The best teachers are there because they love to teach.

As the school year winds down into lazy summer days, take a little time to thank your teachers. Not everybody can afford to hand out gift certificates, so here are some thoughtful, inexpensive ways to let your teachers know you care.
Group Projects!
  • Have all the kids in your class use a permanent marker to write their names on a new, light-colored beach towel.
  •  If your teacher gardens, get some large, smooth stones and have yourself and your classmates set down your names them so she’ll have something to remember you all by in years to come.
  •  Fold poster board in half to make a giant card. Have the artists in your group decorate the outside and everyone can write his name and a personal message inside.
More Gift Ideas from the Library

If you’re a crafty kid, check out one of these books for more ideas for special gifts.
Craft Fun! by Kim Solga and Priscilla Hershberger
Presents instructions for a variety of craft projects, including yarn baskets, clay puppets, beads, button designs, tie-dye t-shirts, puzzle cards, gifts, costumes, and more.
Gifts Kids Can Make by Sheila McGraw
Shows how to make fourteen different gifts for all occasions, from jewelry to baskets to stuffed animals, as well as unusual gift wrappings, from easy-to-find materials, by following the step-by-step instructions.
Describes how to form various lettering styles, and suggests projects such as banners, invitations, report covers, and posters.