The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die by April Henry

The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die by April Henry

The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die wakes up and has no idea who she is. Two men stand over her in a ransacked cabin, one instructing the other to "Take her out and finish her off."

From there we dive headfirst into an adrenaline rush of escape and survival. The girl, who eventually learns that her name is Cady, finds that she has amazing self-defense skills. How she got them is yet another mystery added to all her questions of identity and her current situation. She escapes but does not know where or whom to run to.

The breakneck chase leads to a lonely fast-food restaurant where a fry jockey named Ty helps her. Whoever these pursuers may be, they are relentless. Cady finds herself framed for murder, and now the police are in on the chase as well. Will she and Ty be able to evade capture and figure out what is going on?  

Author April Henry often focuses her books on young female protagonists in desperate situations. A previous novel, Girl, Stolen, centers around Griffin, a kidnapping victim who is blind. She must use her wits and other senses to figure out who has taken her and where they are going.

Henry's books offer high intensity in an accessible package, and The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die is no different. It is a suspenseful thriller for the middle school crowd, twisting and turning every which way for the sake of survival!