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The Girls by Amy Goldman Koss

The Girls by Amy Goldman Koss

The Girls by Amy Goldman Koss takes a look into the lives of middle-school girls and the cliques that can rule their relationships. This novel uncovers the world of bullying by presenting a first-person view from each of the five girls involved in the lost friendship. Throughout the text Koss digs deep into the workings of bullying and also gives hope to those that might experience bullying themselves.

Maya, Rene, Breanna, Darcy, and Candace have promised to be friends forever. But this all changes one day when Candace decides that Maya is no longer welcome to hang out with the girls. Maya is unaware of the girls’ change of heart. She calls to invite her friends to go to an amusement park with her, but for some reason none of the girls wants to go. She soon finds out that the others are having a party, and no one even thought to invite her. This wouldn't be such a big problem except for the fact that the five of them usually do everything together.

Maya is devastated and feels totally alone. She lost touch with all of her other friends the day that Candace asked her to do lunch together, bringing her into the clique. Now Maya fears for Monday when she has to go back to school to face the other girls, who have made it clear through prank phone calls that they are not friends with her anymore. On the other side, the girls in the clique who were instructed by Candace to not hang out with Maya any longer--with no explanation -- are skeptical about the way they’ve been told to treat Maya.

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