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God Is in the Pancakes by Robin Epstein

God Is in the Pancakes by Robin Epstein

Grace Manning is a fifteen-year-old candy striper at a local nursing home, Hanover House, with a spunky attitude. Her life has been in a free fall since her father recently left her mother, sister, and her to build a new life with a woman from the church where he used to take his daughters every Sunday. Grace's mother doesn't quite have a stance on her beliefs about God, but church was always the place Grace and her sister Sophie went with their father.  Now that their father is gone Grace has to come to terms with her religious beliefs. In God is in the Pancakes, by Robin Epstein, Grace must sort out life, love, friendship, and God. 

Grace met Mr. Sands at Hanover House. He is by far her favorite patient. They have fun together, slipping out without permission to the movie theater to enjoy an afternoon downing popcorn and soda. Mr. Sands even teaches Grace how to play--and cheat--at poker. Mr. Sands has Lou Gehrig's disease, which slowly robs its patients of their ability to walk, talk and ultimately breathe. He realizes that death is coming soon, and he doesn't want to stick around to lose his ability to vocalize thanks to those who are taking care of him. After another comical day together which they spend giving Mr. Sands a Mohawk, he asks Grace to help him end his life. This makes Grace's ideas of morality come to the surface when she must decide what she does and does not believe in doing to help a friend. 

The one person with whom Grace would like to talk about her situation is her best friend Eric, but lately things have been weird between the two of them. Eric has been off doing his own thing; meanwhile they are trying to determine what being teenagers means to their relationship. Not to mention, she has to break it to her sister Sophie that she saw her boyfriend making out with some girl from school.

Robin Epstein is a former stand-up comedian, and her sense of humor shines in this hilarious yet insightful book about what one girl would do to help out her dear, sick friend.