Goldilocks and The Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems

Goldilocks and The Three Dinosaurs

In Goldilocks and The Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems, Papa Dinosaur, Mama Dinosaur and another unnamed Dinosaur visiting from Norway just happened to make three big bowls of delicious chocolate pudding and leave them out in the open while they went “someplace else.” Of course these dinosaurs did not know that Goldilocks would be coming around soon, and they certainly weren’t terribly hungry...

Mo Willems’ retelling of this favorite fairy tale is sure to be a big hit with kids and adults alike. I recently read it out loud to my daughter’s 1st grade class, and while most of the kids missed the tongue-in-cheek commentary and the irony of the unreliable narrator, they did pick up on the fact that it was very, very funny. And I was laughing out loud the whole time that I read it, so keep that in mind if you decide to read it out loud to a class of kids. This is another wonderful hit from Mo Willems that can be enjoyed on many levels.

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