Government Sources for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Ever wondered how to get started with your research on business information, especially on how to start your own business, where to get facts and statistics from, etc.? Have you given up after a short while because it seems that the Web either does not provide what you need or that every single business resource costs money?
Well, there is another way to obtain business information right from the comfort of your home ... and for absolutely no fee!
This pathfinder will help you navigate selected United States Government Business Information Sources, regarded as the most credible and up-to-date information source in the ever-changing environment of the Web. Many users are not aware of the wealth of information that our government provides to the general public for free. But, admittedly, it can get quite confusing. With so many operating agencies it seems like an impossible task to track down exactly what you need.
The links below will assist current and prospective business owners to make informed decisions based on regional and national economic trends. Get started with your research and become curious and appreciative of the (little
known) wealth of information that our government provides to its citizens.
Although most links lead to federal agencies, this pathfinder also includes links to government information in Virginia and local information on Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County, as this is where this pathfinder has been developed. We believe that it will prove valuable to local patrons of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library as well to students at Mary Washington University and Germanna Community College, who are interested in the national and regional economy and are thinking about opening their own business or simply want to get accustomed with the
world of business and business terms.
The resources listed in this pathfinder are all accessible online. However, many publications are available in print at designated Federal Depository Libraries. To find a depository near you, visit the Federal Depository Library Directory.
Trained government documents librarians will be available to assist with your research.
The pathfinder is accessible at Google Docs
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