Green Rider by Kristen Britain

Totally disgraced after her expulsion from school, Karigan trudged homeward through the countryside in Green Rider by Kristen Britain. It wasn't an easy walk, more of a cross-country hike, really, but her shame and rage kept her moving even as she spent an aching night sleeping in a meadow and washed down some hunks of cheese and bread with less than clean brook water.

Suddenly from out of the dark woods, there came an explosion of red and green.

Bounding into the clearing came a chestnut horse lathered with sweat and his green-clad rider, pale-faced except for the bloody scratches that dug crimson furrows into his face. As he half-dismounted, half-fell from his horse, Karigan saw the two black-shafted arrows buried deep into his back.

With his dying words, the messenger, one of the legendary Green Riders for the king, asked her to carry on his mission:

"Swear...swear you'll deliver...the message to King Zachary...for the love of country."
Karigan could only stare at him wide-eyed.
It was as if she already looked upon a ghost rather than a living man. He would not allow himself to die until she swore the oath. "I swear...I'll deliver the message for the love of my country."
Although she had sworn, the Green Rider was not ready to die yet. "Take the brooch...from my chest. It will ident..." He squeezed his eyes shut in pain till the spell passed. "Identify you as other Riders." The words were gasped as if he were forcing air in and out of his lungs by sheer will to extend his life. "Fly...Rider, with great speed. Don't read m-message. Then they can't from you. If captured, shred it and toss it to the winds." Then, because his voice had grown so faint, she had to lean very close to hear his final words. "Beware the shadow man."

To save a kingdom, Karigan must take on the role of Green Rider and outwit the deadly enemies who follow her through places both of this world and otherwise.

Green Rider is an exciting, fast-paced fantasy adventure. Karigan must have both wits and courage as she changes roles from failed student to daredevil messenger for the King.