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CRRL Guest Picks: Linda Alsop

CRRL Guest Picks: Linda Alsop

My name is Linda D. Alsop, and I am a lifelong resident of Spotsylvania County. Reading has been my all-time hobby/pastime since I was a little girl. My mother started me reading, and I have been devouring books ever since. I have added audiobooks, in their many formats, and this allows me to read/hear more books. I usually am listening to an audiobook in my car and another one in my home, while also reading a good, old “hold-in-your-hand” book. Books allow me to “visit” other places in my mind and imagine myself there.

My favorite authors are E. B. White, James Patterson, Sue Grafton, and John Grisham. As a child, E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little were my favorites. I have read them numerous times. Sue Grafton’s A-X mystery books are great. I cannot wait for the last two, Y and Z. Since I think I have a lawyer somewhere inside me, I love reading John Grisham’s legal fiction books. My all-time favorite author is James Patterson. His books about the Cross family are spellbinding. I am already on the wait list for the latest book in the Cross series—Cross the Line.

Where the Snow Branch is located now used to be a school. When I went to that school, the library was in the same location, and I worked in the library during my study hall period. Talk about a time in my life coming full circle. The Snow Branch holds a special place in my heart.

I always said that when I finally retire I am going to volunteer in the library, so I can read all the new books first. I don’t know how much volunteering I will get done, since I will be reading every chance I get.

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