Halloween Fun

Get ready for some spooky good times! We found lots of games to play, stories to share, crafts and recipes beyond compare. Learn to make your own costume, have a creepy cool party, carve a pumpkin, and get lots more tips to make this Halloween the best one ever.

On the Web

Best Halloween Recipes
Created by: Busycooks.about.com
Among the popular concoctions: swamp dip, candy spiders, and mummy franks--delicious and creepy!

Billy Bear Says... Happy Halloween!
Created by: Loraine's Teddy Bear Connection
Younger kids will enjoy carving a virtual pumpkin, printable invitations and stationary, a cute online costume dress-up game, party games and Billy Bear's Haunted House.

Halloween Fun at Kids Domain
Created by: Attitude Network, Ltd.
Download kids' Halloween games, send creepy or funny email cards and create your own personalized Halloween stories. You can print out the stories or email them to friends and family. Stories and cards are free and come complete with eerie sound effects. Try the crafts and costume areas for lots more easy fun, and don't forget to get some coloring pages and printable puzzles. Scouts, take note: you will also find some creepy campfire tales to frighten your friends.

Hershey Pumpkin Carving Patterns
Created by: Hersheys
Great basic patterns for beginner, intermediate and advanced carvers.  Also has ideas for crafts, recipes, and costumes.

Halloween Fun Bibliography

Crafts and Food

175 Easy-to-Do Halloween Crafts: Creative Uses for Recyclables.
Make costumes, masks, gifts, pumpkins and decorations.

Bell, Alison. 50 Nifty Super Scary Crafts and Things to Do.
Gives instructions for making fifty scary crafts, such as shrunken head pen decorators and blood-spattered gift wrap, that would be appropriate for Halloween.

Corwin, Judith Hoffman. Halloween Crafts.
Ideas for invitations, decorations, fun foods and simple costumes.

Let's Create for Halloween.
This video shows how to make paper bag pumpkins, flying ghosts, windsocks, skeletons and noisemakers.

Monroe, Lucy. Creepy Cuisine.
Dare you try the Bleeding Gums Gumbo or Gangrene Scrambled Legs? Or perhaps the Wild Lice has more appeal. Recipes actually taste good, but both children and adults will relish the gross-out factor.

West, Robin. My Very Own Halloween: A Book of Cooking and Crafts.
Enjoy creating yucky-sounding treats and fun decorations for a very special Halloween.

Costumes and Make-Up

Albala, Leila. Easy Halloween Costumes For Children.
Cover to The Halloween SongbookGives many basic patterns for both no-sew and sewn costumes and ideas for props to accompany them.

Barkin, Carol. The Scary Halloween Costume Book.
This book makes it easy to create scary costumes and put on ghoulish make-up.

Conaway, Judith. Happy Haunting! Halloween Costumes You Can Make.
Ghosts, pirates and goblins and more come alive. Don't forget the rattling chains and masks!

How to Haunt Your House

Chavez, Jerry. Haunted House Halloween Handbook.
Haunt your house the professional way. Chavez uses stage magic tricks to create very impressive special effects.

Friedhoffer, Robert. How to Haunt a House for Halloween.
You can make your house the one all the trick-or-treaters talk about. Scary surprises and magic tricks suitable for a Halloween party lie within this hallowed tome.

Sounds to Haunt Your House.
More auditory creepiness for your Halloween pleasure. On compact disc or cassette.

Pumpkin Fun

Gibbons, Gail. The Pumpkin Book.
Describes how pumpkins come in different shapes and sizes, how they grow, and their traditional uses and cultural significance. Includes instructions for carving a pumpkin and drying the seeds.

Hart, Rhonda Massingham. You Can Carve Fantastic Jack-O-Lanterns.
Different ideas for carving the family pumpkins.

Palmer, Ed. Pumpkin Carving.
This book has patterns to create intricately carved jack-o-lanterns. Please remember to photocopy the patterns so others may enjoy.

Songs and Music

Gold, Andrew. Andrew Gold's Halloween Howls.
If you need music for your Halloween party, you've come to right place. Features "The Monster Mash", "The Addams Family", "Ghostbusters", and some sweet songs for younger kids. On compact disc or cassette.

The Halloween Songbook: 16 Spooky Tunes of the Season.
These classic and modern pieces are written for voice and easy piano.