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Happy Stitch by Jodie Rackley

Happy Stitch by Jodie Rackley

Local Fredericksburg author and crafter Jodie Rackley helps you stitch up a smile with her book,  Happy Stitch. She stitches her fun designs in her home studio in Fredericksburg, which she shares with her pets, Captain Nibbles and Sleepy Kitty.  The 30 charming and colorful felt and fabric projects in her book are uber cute.

Take some time this summer and stitch up a Monster Face Computer Cover or doodle on a denim skirt.  If your older children are complaining of boredom, try one of the projects with them; for example, the Anytime Ornaments have simple cutting and stitching instructions that an older child can follow with a little guidance. Her instructions are clear, and she uses simple techniques. 

As a quilter myself, I love the Patchwork Embroidery Hoops, the Sewing Room Wall Organizer, and the Fabric and Yarn Lampshades. The more I page through the book, the more I find to make!  I love the Cute Cupcake Toppers—I had never thought to make them out of fabric--and the Scrapbook Embellishments, too.

Jodie Rackley’s work has been featured on MarthaStewart.com and ApartmentTherapy.com. Her handmade line is called Lova Revolutionary. To learn more about her crafts, visit her blog at lovarevolutionary.blogspot.com, see her designs at lovahandmade.etsy.com, and, of course, check out her book!