Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

This heart-pounding, supernatural masterpiece follows the story of worn-down rock god, Judas Coyne, who spends most of his accumulated millions collecting macabre and horror memorabilia on eBay.

As he already owns real-life snuff films and serial killers’ weapons, Judas is pleasantly surprised when a rare item comes into his possession. The seller claims that her father’s spirit haunts the dark gray threads of a pantsuit he once owned. Judas believes this is finally his opportunity to come into contact with a real life ghost.

Once the suit arrives (in its very own heart-shaped box) strange occurrences begin to happen in Judas’ house. His dogs, Angus and Bon, become overbearing in their protection of him. Soon, Judas’ assistant begins to claim that no one is safe around the suit—and that the ghost has a path of revenge carved out for Judas, and in its most bitter form.

When Judas discovers the real purpose of the ghost’s treacherous journey, he and his girlfriend Georgia embark on a spine-chilling trip down the East Coast to find the source of the haunting.

Joe Hill released his debut novel Heart-Shaped Box in 2007 to an almost alarmingly fast rise in recognition among critics and fans.  Since Heart-Shaped Box was released, Joe Hill has gone on to write a plethora of supernatural fantasy, including Horns (2010), the Locke and Key graphic novel series, and NOS4A2 (2013). Hill has been called more terrifying than his own father, Stephen King, for some of his descriptions. If you want a good dose of unnatural, yet appealing, modern-day terror, pick up a Joe Hill book, beginning with his first, Heart-Shaped Box.