Hello, My Name Is Ruby by Philip C. Stead

Hello, My Name Is Ruby by Philip C. Stead

"Hello, My Name Is Ruby," a small bird exclaims to anyone who will listen. She may be tiny, but Ruby makes up for her size in terms of sheer friendliness. Despite differences in size, color, and species, Ruby asks each of them if they would like to be her friends.

Through her newfound pals, Ruby bears witness to all sorts of magical experiences. She soars high with a stork and strolls on the ground with a kiwi bird, meeting snails and tortoises along the way. Philip C. Stead's artwork lends itself to these beautiful moments, such as when Ruby flies with flock of birds in the shape of a marching elephant.

The text is calming and gentle, great for winding down towards bedtime after a busy day. Ruby's desire to make friends and try new experiences gives the tale a life-affirming bent, without coming off as preachy.

If you're looking for an equally sweet story of animal friendship, then Mr. Stead has you covered. A Sick Day for Amos McGee is a charming story of a zookeeper whose animals decide to visit when he is sick. Written by Stead and illustrated by his wife Erin Stead, the book won a Caldecott Medal for its artwork.

Hello, My Name Is Ruby finds excitement in the quiet moments, and friendship just around every corner. Read it today!