Home Cooking

By Laurie Colwin

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Food and companionship played a large part in all of Laurie Colwin's smart, funny, heartbreaking novels, so it's no surprise to find that her monthly column for Gourmet touched on the same themes. Collected here and in More Home Cooking: A Writer Returns to the Kitchen are her strong opinions on such topics as the perfect gingerbread, repulsive dinners, and her hatred of stuffing.

"At Thanksgiving time, friends would proudly confide their stuffing recipes, many of which I found personally nauseating: dried bread, prunes, oysters and water chestnuts, for example. Prunes and oysters! If such a dish were set before you at a resturant, you would flee in horror and dismay, but when it comes to stuffing, anything goes."

If that speaks to your condition, be sure to read "Turkey Angst," "All the Trimmings," and "How to Face the Holidays" from More Home Cooking. Never mind that I love stuffing anyway, or that her recipe for plum jam results in a delicious plum syrup rather than the thick, jamlike concoction she describes. I would happily read and re-read anything Laurie Colwin ever wrote (sadly, she died at 48 in 1992) -- in fact, writing this review has sent me back to her books yet again. A glass of red wine, a warm quilt, a cold autumn evening, and a Laurie Colwin novel -- heaven!
--Caroline Parr, CRRL Staff

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