Introducing Fantasy Author Elanor H. Kindred

Elanor H. Kindred

There’s a new author working in the library. Elanor Kindred, who can be found in the circulation department at our England Run branch, has been writing fantasy stories since she was a child growing up in Stafford County.  Through the years, the stories have become longer and more refined until they have emerged as books, two of which--The Immortal and Bound by Blood--are now published. Written for a young adult audience, they are set in parallel worlds both magical and not. The Immortal finds Lask Somadar, leader of an enchanted realm, pursuing a villainous beast into a land ill-prepared to deal with the griffin or his army.


She writes what is known as high fantasy--set on an alternative world to ours--where the plot is more akin to a fairy tale in a traditional setting than the gritty, negative worldview that permeates urban fantasy.  Elanor does not care for the darker trends in fantasy fiction. Her world is quite different: “People will find it to be a little refreshing, given what’s in the market,” adding that “Vampires have been run into the ground and will die.”

She also does not choose to mix social commentary with her storylines, preferring to offer escapism.  Her favorite modern authors include Garth Nix, Eoin Colfer, J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis. But as an English major at the University of Mary Washington, with a concentration in medieval literature, Elanor also enjoyed the works of Dante, Chaucer, and Boccaccio, as well as the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Elanor is part of a new trend in self-publishing which permits her to have more control of the content and lay-out of her books. In addition to writing them, she also illustrates and does the typesetting with the aid of Amazon’s CreateSpace. She says that marketing her books can be difficult due to the stigma against self-publishing, but she would like readers and distributors to give them a chance. Indeed, with people waiting on the reserve list for them, it would seem that they are willing to do so.

“If people like them, there are more to come,” she says. With seven books already written for The Seven Wars series and 18 total set in this fantasy world, those who enjoy her work have many more adventures awaiting them.

Upcoming Book Signings in Fall 2012

November 5th (Monday) 3:00-7:00 at Porter Library

November 16th (Friday) 2:00-5:30 at England Run Library

November 18th (Sunday) 2:00-5:30 at Salem Church Library

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