Jackaby by William Ritter

Jackaby book cover image
What if Sherlock Holmes could see dead people? Well, not just ghosts, but also banshees, trolls, and other creatures of the dark? In William Ritter's Jackaby R.F. Jackaby is a detective who specializes in the unexplained because he claims he can see these paranormal phenomena. With a nod to Dr. Who (he sports a long scarf along with his own eccentrically ugly hat), Jackaby’s quirkiness means that the townsfolk in his 1892 New England seaport town find him either unbearably odd or unexplainably useful.

Abigail Rook, fresh off the boat and on her own, has zero experience but she’s willing to try being his assistant, if only because she can find no other job. She’s hired, with the warning that the last assistant was turned into a duck and others have fled in horror. Abigail and Jackaby’s personalities match perfectly – she is unwaveringly loyal and detail-oriented; he is scattered and difficult to read. But their combined intelligence makes them a surprisingly good team when a series of brutal deaths point to a serial murderer of unusual and dangerous origins.

Jackaby is a fresh, fun, thrilling title for those who like detective mysteries with a little humor and plenty of blood and suspense. Check it out now!

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