Jeremy Draws a Monster by Peter McCarty

Jeremy Draws a Monster by Peter McCarty

Jeremy Draws a Monster never gets too scary. The beast in question has some horns and is a bit of a snaggletooth, but his eyes are too tiny to be that threatening. Still, this monster is this one rude dude. Jeremy seemed to just want a friend to play with. He stays inside while other children play soccer. So he takes a fancy pen and draws this creature creation. Instead of thanking the young artist for his existence, the monster bellows, "Arrgh! Draw me a sandwich. I'm hungry!"

It doesn't end there, either. The monster's list of demands grows and grows as Jeremy's talents are wasted on trying to live up to this dissatisfied diva's standards. How is Jeremy ever going to get rid of this new freeloader? His pen and his imagination might just be the only solution.

McCarty's story can be seen as an updated version of the classic, Harold and the Purple Crayon. Instead of an adventure of sheer creativity, this book focuses on the fact that once an artist has created a work, it is very much out of his control.

The characters are drawn to be simultaneously askew but are also intricately detailed. There is a cuteness to each one, partially due to their little limbs and tiny eyes. As terrible as this monster is, I can't help but giggle when looking at him.

If you enjoy this story, be sure to track down The Monster Returns. You'll be much happier than our monstrous houseguest.