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Job Help at the Library

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The Central Rappahannock Regional Library should definitely be your first stop if you’re searching for a new job.  Few institutions provide the level of service and number of quality resources we do and fewer still for free.  From books to databases to personalized help, the library is the premier source of job-help services.  

Let’s start with the obvious: books.  Being a library, we’ve got a lot of them.  Books that will help you determine what kinds of jobs are good for particular college majors; books for resume and cover letter-writing; books for older job hunters . . . there are books for pretty much anything you need help with as you’re hunting for a job.  Need help finding those books?  Remember to ask for assistance at the Adult Research Desk!

Of course, I hear from a lot of people that they don’t have time to read books; there’s just too much else going on in their lives.  That’s certainly understandable and to them I say, “Have you looked at the library’s unbelievably rich and in-depth research databases?”  We have quite a few, and I’m not just trying to sell you something: these services are free with a CRRL library card, and job hunters simply cannot afford not to use them!  Let’s head over to librarypoint.org/research and look at what we’ve got:

  • JobNow: Experienced job searchers can probably attest to the fact that the hunt can be costly if you’re looking for personalized help.  Thanks to JobNow, you needn’t pay a dime. They offer resume templates, links to free, helpful sites for job searching, and most importantly, free resume analysis.  Just upload your work-in-progress resume to their site and by the next business day they will provide you with personalized feedback as to how it can be improved.  They also provide live interview coaching and live job search help.  JobNow definitely needs to be your first stop on librarypoint.
  • Testing and Education Reference Center: If you’re preparing for a standardized test, you simply have no choice as far I’m concerned.  You must visit this database!  They’ve got free eBooks and practice tests for everything, and I’m not just talking SAT, ACT, GRE, and GED.  Job hunters can find materials for: Accountant/Auditor; ACT WorkKeys; Air Traffic Control; American Foreign Service Officer; ASE Automotive (English and Spanish); ASE Collision/Refinish; ASE Medium/Heavy Truck; Clerical; Cosmetology (English and Spanish); Firefighter; Law Enforcement; Medical/Nursing; Military (ASVAB and AFOQT); Postal; Real Estate; Social Work; and Teaching (PRAXIS).  They also offer free computer basics training, a resume builder, scholarship search, and a career library.  There is no other resource in the area or online that can provide you with this much free quality content!  
  • ReferenceUSA: If you want to find out more about a prospective employer, ReferenceUSA is a rich vein of everything you could ever need.  From corporate structure to news to competitors to expenditures and more, you’ll find out everything about a company on ReferenceUSA.  Custom searches allow you to search by geography, business type (using keywords, SIC or NAICS codes), business size, financial data, and more to bring out some of the most useful business information anywhere.  
  • Business & Company Resource Center: This database is similar to ReferenceUSA, but where ReferenceUSA is more of a directory with detailed information, Business & Company Resource Center goes more in-depth about all the various industries and their respective companies with journal articles, reports, histories, industry news, and much more.  This is where you come if you want to know all about a prospective industry
  • Mango Languages: While not directly related to job searching, many jobs do strongly prefer or even require you to be multilingual.  Mango Languages is an interactive multimedia language classroom that can help you learn most of the languages any employer would want you to be able to speak.  If you are new to the United States and need help learning English, Mango Languages offers ESL lessons in many native languages.  It also has an app for both iPhone and Android so you can take your lessons on the go!

In addition to these wonderful databases, you might take a look at librarypoint.org/job_answers.  There we have curated a number of useful links to resources that will help you along the way.

Last but certainly not least is our Training on Demand Service.  You may call the Adult Research Desk at your local branch to schedule a 30-45-minute, free, one-on-one training session with one of our staff or volunteers during which we will help you learn how to job hunt online and how to develop a resume and submit it.  You can also use this time to bone up on your computer, Internet, and Microsoft Office skills.  Many of our staff have helped people over the years learn the skills they needed which did land them jobs.  If you’re willing to put in the effort and time to learn, we’ll be there to show you how.  

Informative books, powerful databases, and personalized assistance.  All for free.  We at the CRRL want to help you land your next job, so definitely pay us a visit!