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Like to hear jokes? Like to tell them? People have riddled for fun throughout history and all across the world. From Africa to Spain to Russia, brainteasers and jokes rule. Always have. Today, you can't keep a good joke to yourself. They're everywhere: in books, on cereal boxes, even sometimes on popsicle sticks.

Find funny jokes, punny jokes, riddles and knock knocks both online and in the library

In the Library

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Back-to-School Belly Busters and Other Side-Splitting Knock-Knock Jokes That Are Too Cool for School by Katy Hall & Lisa Eisenberg.
School got you down? Lift the flaps for quick laughs on everything from passing notes to personalized backpacks.

Funny You Should Ask: How to Make Up Jokes and Riddles with Wordplay by Marvin Terban.
Learn how to write jokes that are really punny.

Jokes to Tell Your Worst Enemy by Scott Corbett.
Jokes, puns, limericks, and laugh out loud stories to share friends-- and enemies!

Pig Giggles and Rabbit Rhymes: A Book of Animal Riddles by Mike Downs.
These silly jokes rhyme! "What does a mallard drive around town? A duck truck, of course."

Riddles to Take on Vacation by Joanne E. Bernstein and Paul Cohen.
The perfect book to perk up that long, long drive to the family vacation spot. Towel jokes, inn jokes, and silly state jokes.

Super-Duper Jokes by Frederica Young.
More than 500 jokes make good source material for aspiring class clowns.

Totally Terrific Jokes by Matt Rissinger & Philip Yates.
"What was King Tut's favorite card game? Gin mummy!"
Lots of silliness, enough for laugh out loud afternoon.

On the Web

Girl laughing"Knock knock. Who's there? Police. Police who? Police tell me some knock knock jokes!"
You'll get 'em, along with elephant jokes, riddles, mudder goose, brain teasers, and silly questions.

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