Juggling Fun

Why not learn to juggle? It’s a fun way to impress your friends even if you are just a beginner. Like sports? Juggling is said to increase your hand-eye reflexes and your coordination. Like to be in the spotlight? It’s a great way to show off in a talent show and if you get really good at it, you can do it professionally at festivals or parties.

History of Juggling
Juggling was known in the ancient world—from Egypt to Rome to China to India to Greece to Polynesia to the Aztecs. * King’s entertainers might sing, play musical instruments, tell stories, and perform acrobatics and many of them could also juggle.
Today, jugglers perform in circuses, on the streets in big cities, at festivals and in schools. Many stage magicians, clowns, storytellers and comedians make juggling a part of their acts.
Books about Juggling
You can learn about juggling with these books from the library. Click on the title to begin the reserve process.
“Since we're all so busy juggling everything anyway, why not have fun with it? It's surprisingly easy. You'll love the great feeling as you get the hang of it, and quickly move on to do lots of tricks. Bob Woodburn teaches you with conversational writing and lots of easy-to-understand drawings.”
Juggling Step-by-Step by Bobby Besmehn
This basic introduction teaches several different kinds of routines including some of the fancier ones. Juggle while eating an apple, juggle scarves, juggle with rings or clubs, or juggle with a friend.
Juggling Instruction Online
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The Instant Jugglers Manual: How to Juggle Three Balls