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Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay

Juliet Immortal

Do you remember Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? Well, perhaps that storyline is not true, and Juliet did not kill herself. Perhaps Romeo Montague killed Juliet Capulet.  It was he, her soul mate and new husband, who committed a terrible crime. Romeo gave up Juliet to the hands of the Mercenaries, demons who seek to destroy love and separate soul mates. Juliet Immortal, a fantasy by Stacey Jay, retells the story of what happened between Shakespeare’s famous lovers.

Juliet has spent seven hundred years working for the Ambassadors of Light after Nurse, her Ambassador guide, saved her soul on the night Romeo killed her. At that moment, Juliet pledged allegiance to the Ambassadors’ cause, which is to bring soul mates together and make sure that their love blooms. She now spends much of her time in a dark mist, from which she is only taken out by the Ambassadors of Light to return to Earth, shift into a borrowed body, and assist soul mates. However, Romeo is working against her, and his allegiance to the Mercenaries makes Romeo and Juliet immortal enemies.

In the latest shift, she borrows the body of Ariel, a beautiful but scarred teenager. Ariel is lonely, and it’s Juliet’s job to help her live a more fulfilling life. However, this isn't a normal shift.  Romeo is too close to her when she first shifts into her borrowed body, she can’t find Nurse--who normally helps her locate lovers, and she quickly develops feelings for a boy she meets while running for her life after Romeo attacks her.

The library owns the audiobook version of this story. Learn more about the star-crossed lovers at Stacey Jay's Web site.