Goldilocks Finds a Book

Goldilocks Finds a Book

Goldilocks had trouble with more than porridge, chairs, and beds!

When she wandered into the bears’ library, she couldn’t find the right book. One was too easy; the next was too hard. What’s a young reader to do?

At any Central Rappahannock Regional Library branch, there is a solution:

1. Look for spine labels at the bottom of the book that have a yellow glow in the juvenile fiction (chapter book) collection.

2. Notice the size of the print, the white space on the pages, the fun pictures, easier words, and length of the book.

3. Choose one to read!

Those are the three easy steps to finding the right book for a young reader who is outgrowing beginning readers but may be overwhelmed by the huge chapter books a fifth grader will read.

If Goldilocks came to the CRRL, she would leave with just the right book!