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Love Kanopy? Now, You Can Take 10

Love Kanopy? Now, You Can Take 10

Whether you’re a serious film enthusiast, intrigued by others' lives and cultures, or want to learn more from The Great Courses, Kanopy is your ticket for terrific viewing options. New to Kanopy? You can learn the details and sign up for the streaming service here. Love Kanopy already? Then you'll be thrilled to know you can now check out 10 videos a month!

For Women's History Month, these documentaries let us experiences the challenges of being a woman in other countries, in other times, and behind prison walls:

Aimee's Crossing: Young Women in the Juvenile Justice System
The Governor of Illinois granted Lending unprecedented access to a female juvenile prison in order to tell the story in AIMEE'S CROSSING. Aimee's distinctive voice, and the multiplicity of issues that her story embodies (mental health, abuse, addiction, family struggles, education, juvenile criminal justice), challenges the viewer to examine and question how the juvenile justice system can best serve young women. Aimee’s Crossing was broadcasted nationally on PBS in 2008.Aimee's Crossing: Young Women in the Juvenile Justice System

N!ai, The Story of a !Kung Woman
"Before the white people came we did what we wanted," N!ai recalls, describing the life she remembers as a child: following her mother to pick berries, roots, and nuts as the season changed; the division of giraffe meat; the kinds of rain; her resistance to her marriage to /Gunda at the age of eight; and her changing feelings about her husband when he becomes a healer. As N!ai speaks, the film presents scenes from the 1950s that show her as a young girl and a young wife.

Grandma, A Thousand Times (also titled Teta, Alf Marra) is a poetic documentary that puts a feisty Beiruti grandmother at the center of brave film exercises concocted by her grandson to commemorate her many worlds before they are erased by the passage of time and her eventual death.