Kid Chef: The Foodie Kids Cookbook

Cover to Kid Chef: The Foodie Kids Cookbook

“Healthy Recipes & Culinary Skills for the New Cook in the Kitchen”

There is no reason older kids can’t cook many dishes on the same level as most adults. If you can handle cooking without supervision, you can really develop your palate and your skills to create dishes you and grown-ups will truly enjoy. There are no cute presentations in Melina Hammer’s Kid Chef. This is a book about taste and freshness. Of course, there are kid favorites, such as Crispy Fish Sticks, but these are from scratch, with panko, lemon zest, freshly ground pepper and other delightful flavors.

Recipes may have Pro Tip or Helpful Hint notes, and a glossary of terms explains ingredients and techniques used. You’ll learn how to build layers of flavor in a Savory Beef Ragù and a quicker Herby Pesto Pasta. Melina begins with an introduction to all the useful things found in a kitchen, good habits, and ingredients to keep on hand. Chapter Two gives lessons in practical skills, such as reading a recipe, measuring, knife skills, using a stove, and so on, in a very practical way. You’ll make Garlic Bread, Homemade Granola, Salsa Fresca, and more while picking up skills to use in later recipes.

Whether you want to learn to cook just for yourself, your family and your friends or have thoughts of a restaurant career one day, Kid Chef is an excellent way to get started. It’s practically a cooking course on its own. Other books you might want to try include Mollie Katzen’s Honest Pretzels and the Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks series.