Kids Jr. Booklists

These librarian-created booklists for primarily for ages 5 and under. 

Are You Crying?
Featuring books that deal with feelings. 

Tuck your little one into bed with these sweet tales that will lull even the most resistant into dreamland.

Best Babysitters Ever
Lots of antics ensue when these babysitters are in charge.

Brothers and Sisters

Catch Me If You Can

Ah, the circus! There's nothing quite like the fanfare of the Ringmaster, the antics of the clowns, the smell of popcorn, or the trumpeting of elephants. While you wait for the circus to come to town, explore these books.

Dad and Me


Dog Tales
Enjoy this collection of dog stories with your young children.

Explaining Death to Young Children

Explaining Divorce


Books to introduce your preschoolers to fish!

Growing Things

I Feel Sick!
Nobody likes being sick, but having a good book can make it seem less lonely and give some hope that you'll feel better soon. Some times all you need is some extra TLC. When a trip to the doctor is necessary it's good to know what to expect.

I Want a Scary Book! . . . for younger kids

Just Choo Choos
This list is for the little ones who can't get enough of trains, big and small. 

Let's Pretend

Loss of a Pet
Often a child's first experience with death is when a pet dies. Here are some books that may help to comfort and explain.

Math for Preschoolers

Moo, Quack, Arf - Animal Sounds
Animal sounds get mixed up, lost, and blown away in these silly stories.

Moving Day

New Baby

Ours by Choice: Adoption
Just like people come in all shapes and sizes, no two adoptions are alike. Here are a variety of stories about the way families come together.

Pig Tales
Oink! Oink! Oink! Enjoy these tales about Pigs. 

Pirates, Ho!
A good ship, a fine crew, a pet parrot and we're ready to sail. Come aboard for some high sea adventure, mate!

Potty Training
Ready to ease your child out of diapers and onto the potty? Here are a list of books designed to help with the transition!

From princesses who love pink to those who adore mud pies, there are all types of princesses in these books.

Have fun sharing these rhyming stories with your little ones!

Starting School
Do you have a little one heading off to school for the first time this year? Soothe his or her fears with books that explore the transition and delight in the new experience.

Stories for a Rainy Day
These books are perfect for kids who love to watch the rain run down the window or feel the rain on their faces. 

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Trains and Buses
A list of books about things with wheels especially for toddlers and preschoolers.


Wordless Books