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The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory

The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory

Lady Jacquetta inherited the gift of Second Sight from a long-ago river goddess, or so the family legend went. What is obviously true is that she does get glimpses of what will happen to her and those around her. For example, Joan, the innocent, brave peasant girl her family has held captive to trade to the English, is almost certainly doomed. As for her own lot, the beautiful teenager who will be called The Lady of the Rivers has captured the attention of a powerful man twice her age and in time she will be his—but not as she imagines.

Set at the beginning of the decades in English history we call “the Wars of the Roses,” (also known as the Cousins’ War) Jacquetta finds herself on fortune’s wheel, at the very start of the turmoil. Her first husband, the Duke of Bedford, is the English Regent in France for a very weak and ill-advised boy-king. Bedford is no traitor, but he realizes the danger his liege faces and dabbles in illegal sorceries to help the king maintain the throne. Now in a strange country of cold and mist, Jacquetta’s only real confidante is the Duke’s squire, a very competent, very handsome man who has fallen deeply in love with her.

The Lady of the Rivers is a spell-binding romance which is a prequel to Philippa Gregory’s other four books in the Cousins’ War series. The White Queen was turned into an original show for the Starz network, and each book delves into the fascinating roles women played in court intrigue and the rise and doom of those early ruling houses. You can learn more about the series on the author’s Web site.