Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast by Josh Funk

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast by Josh Funk

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast are the best of friends. The best of friends any leftover could ask for.

But their neighbor, Miss Brie, tells them that the syrup is almost all gone! "A single drop's left! Just a drop!"

So begins the race to the almost-empty syrup bottle. Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast climb turbulent mountains of mashed potatoes, plummet into rivers of strawberry jam and leftover chili swamps, and sail across oceans of soups. Lady Pancake gets stuck in a bean avalanche, and Sir French Toast is blasted by fumes of old Brussel sprouts. Who will reach the syrup first? 

Josh Funk's Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast is fun and original, with fantastic illustrations by Brendan Kearney. The story is methodically written, with a sing-song read-aloud approach. Parent and their children will love to read this story of competitive friendship together. Funk leads his readers through an imaginative adventure within the refrigerator, helping little ones with word associations relating to food. B.J. Novak, writer, actor, and executive producer for the hit comedy The Office, endorses his longtime friend's book, saying, "When I was a kid my best friend was Josh Funk. I think he's about to become a friend to a whole new generation of kids."

Find out who reaches the syrup first in Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast! And pick up Josh Funk's other book involving the breakfast favorites, The Case of the Stinky Stench!

This selection reinforces the Grow a Reader key practices of letter knowledge, narrative skills, and phonological awareness.