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The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards

The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards

It happened again. The walls shook very hard and the singing bowls sounded on their own—as a warning or a meditation? Small earthquakes were normal in this part of Japan, but Lucy Jarrett never could get used to them. She had come to live in the village with her love Yoshi a few years ago. They had fallen for each other during a monsoon in another country, two very different people determined to make a private country of their own.

But things are changing now. Lucy can not find a job in her field of hydrology, and Yoshi is preoccupied with his corporate work. He looks at her closely one day and says she seems to be a very lonely person… and she realizes that she is.

So when she learns that her widowed mother has been in a car accident, she takes Yoshi’s advice to fly home to see her. He will join her later, he says.  Home for Lucy is the Lake of Dreams, one of upstate New York’s many Finger Lakes. When she was a child, it seemed that the place and the people were timeless. But nothing really stays the same, and the small town and own family are undergoing transformations, something Lucy isn’t sure she’s ready for.

Yet there are also things that are familiar, maybe too much so. Back in town and running an artisan glass shop is Keegan Fall, her first wild love whom she deserted the very day after her father died under mysterious circumstances. Keegan hasn’t forgotten Lucy, and the two are drawn together intimately as they investigate a generations-old family mystery which will reveal what really happened ten years ago, the last time that Lucy lived at the Lake of Dreams.

Kim Edward’s Lake of Dreams is a rich, somewhat meandering book that is interwoven with strong elemental impressions of fire, water, earth, and air while also offering a pervasive spirituality as Lucy’s urgency to connect to generations past proves undeniable.