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Divorce Resources

Thinking of filing for divorce yourself? The following resources may help you. As with all legal issues, we highly recommend that you hire an attorney. Resources for finding an attorney can be found at the end of this document. You are not required to hire an attorney. If you decide to proceed pro se (without an attorney), remember that you must follow the same rules as if you had an attorney. Library staff cannot give you legal advice nor can court personnel. We cannot tell you which forms you need to use, nor can we assist you in completing the forms. There are no fill-in-the-blank divorce forms. The following resources will provide information about the divorce process in Virginia and will also give you sample forms which you may retype with your specific information.

A Sampling of Print Resources at the Library:
File for Divorce in Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia by James J. Gross
Provides divorce law for Virginia and includes sample forms.

How To File Your Own Divorce by Edward A. Haman
Provides general information about the divorce process. Appendix provides limited information specific to each state. Sample forms, not specific to Virginia are provided.

Divorce Yourself: The National No Fault Divorce Kit By Daniel Sitarz
Provides general information about the divorce process. Appendix provides limited information specific to each state. Sample forms, not specific to Virginia are provided.

Family Law Theory and Practice With Forms

Code of Virginia 1950, Annotated State law of Virginia. You may want to read the divorce laws to familiarize yourself with the process. Many other print resources area available at the public library.

Internet Resources

great resource for information about divorce law. It offers specific information for each state.

Legal Services of Northern Virginia Divorce Pamphlet 
This pamphlet provides a basic explanation of the divorce process. There is also a pamphlet available in Spanish.

Rappahannock Legal Aid
Rappahannock Legal Aid is the location where people will go for services. Rappahannock Legal Aid is located at 618 Kenmore Avenue, Suite 1A, 540-371-1105.

Fairfax County Divorce Brochure
Fairfax County offers a Pro Se Divorce Brochure. Follow the link on this website. Information is provided for the divorce procedure. Be aware that the information provided is for Fairfax County. If you are filing in a different county you must comply with the requirements of the county where you are filing.

Prince William County Divorce Information
Prince William County provides a six month separation and a one year separation divorce packet for people wishing to file pro se. As with the Fairfax County information, be aware that you need to comply with the requirements of the county in which you are filing.

Women's Law
This web site provides useful information for women facing divorce, abuse, custody and other issues. You can find resources by state.

Virginia Code - Domestic Relations
Search Title 20 for Virginia laws pertaining to divorce.

Finding An Attorney

Virginia State Bar Lawyer Referral

The Virginia State Bar Association offers a lawyer referral service. Prepayment of a nominal fee is required for your initial consultation and then you will be referred to an attorney who can assist you.

Martindale Hubbel
Martindale Hubbel offers a free online service to search for attorneys in specific geographic areas as well as by practice area.