Westlaw – Start Your Legal Research at the CRRL

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you would like to know what the law says about a certain topic. But where to start? And how? Law and everything related can be so intimidating: it seems complicated, overwhelming, unorganized, contradicting …
But fear not! Your law library is here to help.
In addition to important and up-to-date print resources, the CRRL offers its patrons access to Westlaw, one of the leading legal research databases.
Whether you need to find something in the Virginia Code – or any other state code for that matter - or if you would like to research cases and court opinions, Westlaw is a great place to conduct your research.
Your law librarian will be glad to show you how it’s done. Just sign up for a One-on-One session, and received personalized training that will answer all your questions and help you to understand how legal research is done.

Gives a brief overview of Westlaw features.
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[electronic resource]
Offers guides on various legal topics such as administrative, business, corporate, criminal law.
Gives an overview of the collection, available databases, and other law and legislative resources.