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Learning Spanish

More and more, Spanish is being taught in elementary and middle grades. Whether you need study resources or ideas for extra credit projects, the library can come to the rescue with books, databases, videos, audio recordings, computer programs, and more!
Looking for Spanish materials for preschoolers? Check out our list, Spanish for Young Ones.

Reliable Reference Reads
Handy dictionaries translate words from English to Spanish--and vice versa. Look for grammar books in our Spanish Grammar Online section below.

Beginner's Spanish Grammar by Keith Chambers
Tackling each point of grammar a page at a time—with examples for practice—makes this a student-friendly way to approach the language.

DK First Spanish Picture Dictionary
DK (Dorling-Kindersley) pioneered the highly visual book category, and here they give us a bilingual English/Spanish--and visual! dictionary.

The Everything Kids Learning Spanish Book
These exercises can help kids in their Spanish studies.

The Firefly Spanish English Junior Visual Dictionary
Not the simplest visual dictionary, this one has many words that will be of interest to older children and young adults. The adult version has approximately 28,000 terms, complete with images.

Random House Spanish-English, English-Spanish Dictionary by Margaret H. Raventos; revised and updated by David L. Gold
A large dictionary which includes many modern words, such as centro calculador (computer center).

Spanish in Bits and Bytes
Computer + Spanish = more fun while learning.

Mango Language Database
Mango is an online language-learning system that can help you learn languages such as French, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Russian, and more. It requires a CRRL library card to use.

Spanish Grammar Online
Click here for eBooks on Spanish grammar that may be read from your home computer or online at the library. Many are appropriate for more advanced students.
Not familiar with our eBook collection? Click here to learn more.

TV for Your Brain

Kids Love Spanish
Six animated videos go through basic vocabulary and words that are specific to certain topics, such as family, food, animals, alphabet & numbers, and more

Little Pim, Foreign Language and Fun: Spanish
These three videos show and talk about kids having a fun day (Eating and Drinking, Waking Up and Smiling, Playtime) entirely in Spanish. There are also ESL versions.

Just for Fun (and Practice)
These selections could be adapted for class projects.

A Crazy Mixed-up Spanglish Day by Marisa Montes
A story about a girl who lives in two worlds-- in Northern California, Maritza Gabriela Morales Mercado struggles to deal with the third grade bully, to control her temper, and to remember to speak Spanish at home and English at school.

My Mexico = Mexico Mio: Poems by Tony Johnston
"Small house steeped in sunlight, stay just as you are, bordered with roses in coffee cans, lilies in chile jars. Chocita banada por el sol, quedate tal como eres, bordada de lirios en botes de chile, y rosas en latas de cafe.
Beautiful poems that capture memories of Mexico.

Radio Man = Don Radio: A Story in English and Spanish by Arthur Dorros; translation by Sandra Dorros
Listening to his radio helps a migrant worker stay connected to the place he is and the places he has been.
In English and Spanish.

Tell Me a Cuento = Cuentame un Story: 4 Stories in English and Spanish as told by Joe Hayes
A collection of four stories presented in both English and Spanish: "No Way, Jose! ("De Ninguna Manera, Jose"), "Mariposa, Mariposa," "The Terrible Tragadabas" ("El Terrible Tragadabas") and "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Oh!" ("Lunes, Martes, Miercoles, O!").

You're on! Seven Plays in English and Spanish selected by Lori Marie Carlson
A collection of plays in both English and Spanish include, "These Shoes of Mine," "Tropical Memories," "Jump in," "The Girl Who Waters Basil and the Very Inquisitive Prince," "Luck," and "A Dream in the Road."

Sounds of Spanish
Learn through to pronounce Spanish through stories and songs.

Cada Niño/Every Child: A Bilingual Songbook for Kids
Fun and lovely songs that bring culture along with learning. Includes chords. Winner of a Parents' Choice Gold Award.

Let's Sing and Learn in Spanish
This book of original Spanish songs for young children includes a CD and chords for piano or guitar.

Spanish, Volumes 1 and 2
These fun DVDs teach everyday phrases in Spanish for kids with songs and music.

Spanish Review Online
Spanish ceramicsCheck out these Web sites for more help.

Beginning Spanish
A basic, no-frills introduction to written vocabulary for older students.

Education World: Spanish
Links to a few fun vocabulary builders, dictionaries (including a picture dictionary), and lesson plans.

A comprehensive site for older students that includes audio files, verb charts, and online tests.

Spanish Lesson Plans
Not just lesson plans-also dictionaries, translators, flash cards, audio files, fonts, and news links.