Liars, Inc.

Cover to Liars, Inc.

In the suspenseful mystery Liars, Inc., by Paula Stokes, one young man learns that, despite how little or easy they may seem, lies can become very dangerous.

Max Cantrell and his best friends Parvati and Preston, three people who are known for their ability to scheme, decide to start a little operation together called Liars, Inc. This endeavour is all about profiting off of their classmates’ deceitful needs. Whether you need a signature forged or the answers to an upcoming test, Liars, Inc. will make it happen. For a price. Because in a town where everybody’s parents are rich and famous, money never seems to be an issue.

When the need for lies spreads to themselves, the boys don’t think anything of it. Not until one of them ends up dead and the other the main suspect, at least. With so many lies floating around, what’s real, and what’s a lie? Whom can be trusted?

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