The Games Are On!

The Games Are On!

Friendly competition can encourage people to do better and improve their skills, and games of all types provide this opportunity and a chance to meet new people with similar interests. All groups welcome new players.

Mahjong Players Group
Porter Branch, Wednesdays 1:00–4:00, except July 4

Chess and Go
Porter Branch, Thursdays, 6:30–8:30
Play chess and the Asian game Go.

Salem Church Branch, 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, 12:30–4:00
Open to novice to mid-level players with basic knowledge of bidding and the play of the hand.

Expert Bridge
Salem Church Branch, Wednesdays except for the 3rd, 12:00–4:00
Snow Branch, 3rd Wednesdays, 12:00–4:00

Board Game Night
Salem Church Branch, 4th Mondays, 7:00–8:30
Play one of ours or bring your own.