Library Elf is now a Subscription Service

For the past five years, Library Elf has been a free, third-party service for patrons who wanted to link multiple household cards together on one screen to keep track of upcoming overdues and available holds. However, since the service's usage grew, the company's ad revenue was not able to completely offset their operating costs. As of January 23, 2009, the service became a two-tier service, with basic and premium levels. 

The basic level allows you to sign up one card for overdue notices. If you are already a Library Elf user, your account will automatically convert to this basic level without any action on your part. [Please note that the library offers this serviceto you as well. If you do not already receive notices of your holds and overduematerials, please click here and tell us to add this option to your account. Don’t forget to provide youremail address.]

The premium level costs $20 a year for multiple cards and allows you to link different cards, subscribe to your notice feedthrough RSS, and see holds ready. This is most useful for families with several cards, or patrons who use more than one library. New users will have a free, 3-week trial of the premium services. 

If you have questions about the Library Elf service, please consult their FAQ page here. Library Elf is a third-party service that is not affiliated with The Central Rappahannock Regional Library.