Liederkreis, op.24; Liederkreis, op.39; Dichterliebe, op.48

By Robert Schumann

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Schumann was one of the great composers of the Romantic (1800s) music era. His career as a pianist was dashed by an injury to his left hand. In spite of this setback, he continued as a composer and is known today for his piano compositions and his lieder. He also started a highly-regarded music journal and served as its editor. His total output of lieder exceeds 150 just in the year of 1840. His affair and marriage to the famous pianist, Clara Wieck, is one of the great love stories in music. Of these three song cycles, Dichterliebe(Poet's Love), is considered by many as his best, with love, both the wonder of love and love lost are the primary themes of this song cycle. The singer, Peter Schreier, is a highly respected interpreter of German lieder. Details of his professional background are included in the CD booklet. Unfortunately, the text is not in the CD's insert booklet. Schumann quotation - "It is music's lofty mission to shed light on the depths of the human heart."

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