Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater is the second book in The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. I choose to read this book because the author is actually a Westmoreland County, Virginia resident. It goes along with the contemporary interest in mythical creatures, with werewolves being the focus of this book. The film rights for this story have been bought by Unique Features/ Warner Brothers and a screenplay has been written. The final book in the series, Forever, came out early 2011.

Sam and Grace are in love. They can finally be together through the entire year. Sam's werewolf past made it hard for them to be together during prior winters, because the cold weather triggers Sam's inner werewolf. This causes him to spend months lost in his werewolf form, making it impossible for him to be with Grace. Since Sam is now a full-time human, they are certain they will be together forever. Everything is perfect, except that Grace can’t kick a fever she has been having recently.  Sam and Grace are unsure about what their future has in store for them now due to Grace's sickness. They only know that they want to be together.

Grace’s parents aren’t very enthusiastic about the young couples' relationship. They believe that Sam and Grace will surely break up because they're just two teenagers in love. And that’s not the only problem the young couple has to confront. Beck, Sam’s adoptive father who is also a werewolf, has added a couple new members to their pack. Sam knows that these new wolves have voluntarily chosen to become wolves, and he is uncertain of anyone who voluntarily chooses to live the life of a werewolf because you lose yourself for months at a time leaving everything about your human life behind. He finds it especially hard to relate to Cole, a controversial new werewolf who seems to enjoy the werewolf life more than human life.

The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy starts with Shiver, which we have reviewed here. To learn more about the trilogy, go to its Web site here.