Literary Converts: Spiritual Inspiration in an Age of Unbelief

By Joseph Pearce

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The twentieth century has been marked by both belief and unbelief. While church attendance has declined, the lives of many of the more salient figures of our times have been influenced and inspired by Christianity.

Wilde through the looking-glass -- Belloc, Baring and Chesterton -- The archbishop's son -- The bishop's son -- Dawson and Watkin -- Benson's Cambridge apostolate -- The attraction of orthodoxy -- Religion and politics -- Knox and Benson -- Knox and Chesterton -- War and Waste Land -- Poetry in commotion -- Graham Greene, Catholic sceptic -- Waugh and Waste Land -- Controverting converts -- Chesterton and Baring -- War and rumour of war -- War of words -- Nuclear reactions -- Cultivating culture -- A network of minds -- Militants in pursuit of the truth -- Spark and Sitwell -- Alec Guinness -- Sassoon and Knox -- Contra mundum -- Ringing out the old -- Small is beautiful -- Muggeridge, pilgrimage and passion -- Ends and loose ends -- Painting God Greene -- Celtic twilight.

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