Living Through the Civil Rights Movement

By Charles George, book editor

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Responding to the school integration crisis in Little Rock / Dwight D. Eisenhower -- The nation faces a moral crisis in regard to race / John F. Kennedy -- The Civil Rights Movement threatens individual and states rights / George C. Wallace -- Blacks must have the right to vote / Lyndon B. Johnson -- "I have a dream" / Dr. Martin Luther King Jr -- Blacks must do whatever is necessary to secure their rights / Malcolm X -- Blacks must develop their own community / Stokely Carmichael -- Confronting racism at Little Rock's Central High School / Daisy Bates -- Black students take a stand : sit-ins and freedom rides / Diane Nash -- Attempting to vote in Mississippi / Fannie Lou Hamer -- Marching in Birmingham's Children's Crusade / Audrey Faye Hendricks, Judy Tarver, Bernita Roberson, and Larry Russell -- Bloody Sunday : the protest march that shocked the nation / John Lewis.

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