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Long Gone by Alafair Burke

Long Gone by Alafair Burke

Alice Humphrey--daughter of a world famous film director and his movie star wife--has been unemployed for months yet refuses to ask her wealthy parents for help. When the ideal job as manager of a new NYC art gallery falls into her lap, Alice leaps at the opportunity…without considering the legitimacy of the offer. In Long Gone, by Alafair Burke, Alice has no clue her hasty decision will lead to a murder…or that she will be the main suspect!

At the opening of a new art exhibit, Alice meets Drew Campbell. Over the course of their conversation, Drew mentions he has an anonymous investor ready to open a gallery. He asks if Alice might be interested in managing the project. The only caveat is that the premiere show must feature the work of the investor’s boyfriend. The art in question turns out to be a series of hackneyed photographs which, from Alice’s perspective, display zero artistic merit. But she remains undaunted and looks forward to molding future shows.

The day after the opening, Alice arrives to find the gallery being picketed by an extremist group questioning if certain nude photographs feature underage subjects. Much to her dismay and frustration, she’s unable to reach Drew and has no way of contacting the gallery owner OR the reclusive featured artist. What seemed like the perfect job has morphed into a nightmare.

But the trouble is only beginning. The next day, everything relating to the gallery--including the furniture and artwork--has disappeared. There is, however, one remaining item--Drew Campbell’s dead body.