The Lost Newspapers of Spotsylvania!

 A recent foray into CRRL’s mysterious vaults and back rooms failed to turn up Masonic Secrets or the Lost Ark – but it did turn up something interesting nonetheless: fifteen big, hard-bound volumes of the Lost Newspapers of Spotsylvania!

 The Spotsylvania Times was a weekly newspaper published from 1971 to 1978; it was succeeded by the Tri-County Times (April – November 1978), which was succeeded in turn by the Spotsylvania Progress (1978-79). These weeklies were not intended to supplant the locally dominant newspaper, the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star, but to supplement it with items of special Spotsylvania County interest -- news of local businesses, social occasions, sporting events,  family gatherings -- the stuff of ordinary life…and just the stuff to warm the hearts of genealogists and local historians!
So far as can be determined, these weeklies are simply not available in any other format -- neither on-line nor on microfilm; nor have they ever been indexed.
CRRL will be cataloging these splendid volumes and making them an accessible part of its Virginiana Collection in the very near future.