Lover's Knot

By Emilie Richards

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Needing time to recover from a tragedy and sort out her feelings about her troubled marriage, journalist Kendra Taylor retreats to an old cabin nestled in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. The land was bequeathed to her husband by a grandmother he never knew, and the cabin has been abandoned for years. As Kendra settles into the cabin and the community of Toms Brook, she finds an unusual lover's knot quilt that is yet another piece of Isaac's unexplored past.

The quilt has a story to tell, and Kendra's convinced that helping her husband connect with his roots might help him to reconnect with her, too. At first Isaac's reluctant visits to the cabin only underscore the difficulties in their marriage. But as circumstances force them to piece together a new relationship, Isaac is about to discover that the history of a family he's never known might in fact hold the key to his future.

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