Fredericksburg in the 20th Century

Four Mayors of Fredericksburg: An Oral History by Archer Williams.
Former mayors Charles Cowan, Josiah Rowe, Edward Cann, and Lawrence Davies give their impressions of the city's growth under their administrations, from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Fredericksburg City Directories.
Various editions are available at the headquarters library that span the 20th century. Ask at the reference desk for the year you need to check.

The Fredericksburg Times.
This little monthly magazine, also known as The Tideland Times, often contained articles on Fredericksburg history, including some 20th century reminiscences by local residents G. W. Hundley, John "Jack" Johnson, Ed Cann, and Spencer Berry. An index is available in the Virginiana Room.

The Free Lance-Star.
The Free Lance-Star is the daily paper for the Fredericksburg area. The Virginiana Room has a complete run of back issues on microfilm as well as its obituary index and other vintage papers.

Hanover Street Revisited: A Collection of Fredericksburg Vignettes by John Janney Johnson.
Jack Johnson, long-time Fredericksburg resident, shares his memories of growing up in old town, near the United Methodist Church, earlier in the century.

An Index to Photographs Appearing in Some Fredericksburg, Virginia, Newspapers, 1913-1955 compiled by Robert A. Hodge.
Index to more than 1300 illustrations from the Daily star and the Free lance-star newspapers. The negatives and positives of the indexed subjects, catalogued in 68 albums, were added to the Virginia Collection of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library.

Liberty Town: The Past and Present of a Fredericksburg Suburb by M.B. Gatza.
An exploration of this unique African-American community from its antebellum beginnings to the present day.

A Life in the 'burg: Things That Happened After George Washington Left Town: Growing Up in Fredericksburg, Virginia by John C. Goolrick.
A newspaper man, who happens to be a native Fredericksburg resident, shares his wry perspective on the city's past.

Oral history project
These transcribed interviews with dozens of local individuals are sponsored by Historic Fredericksburg Foundation, Inc.

Silver Years on the Rappahannock: The Life of Carl David Silver by John Goolrick and Larry D. Silver.
Carl D. Silver, an auto dealer who turned to real estate, has probably done more to change the face and fortunes of Fredericksburg in the past decades than any other individual.

The Streets of Fredericksburg by Edward Alvey, Jr.
Although the kindly dean of Mary Washington College is no longer with us, you can still tour the city with him through his writings, which are accompanied by lovely photographs.

Web Sites

Central Rappahannock Heritage Center
The CRHC, located 300 Central Road, Suite B, in Fredericksburg, is collecting and storing documents of local historic interest. Their reading room is open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., or by appointment.

Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center
Their collection contains thousands of items that relate to Fredericksburg history. The museum hosts exhibits and children's programs. The site features a free online magazine, The Town Cryer.

Fredericksburg Research Resources
Terrific links for Fredericksburg researchers: selected business and city directories, indices to Fredericksburg newspapers covering the dates 1736 to 1926, the 1860 list of free and slave inhabitants, early council minutes, plats of the city from 1727 to 1927, pictures of Fredericksburg from 1862 to 1997, and other useful resources.

Historic Fredericksburg Foundation, Inc.
HFFI has a strong commitment to historic preservation in the Fredericksburg area. They host the Candlelight Tour of historic houses as a fundraiser, have renovated the Lewis Store on Caroline Street, publish The Journal of Fredericksburg History, conduct the Oral History Program, and research and recognize historic properties through their Marker Program. They also sponsor educational lectures!




This webliography accompanied the Lunch With History lecture "A Life in the 'Burg," presented by Mr. John C. Goolrick, author, on May 19, 2004.