Virginia Highways

From the Central Rappahanock Regional Library

Divided Highways: Building the Interstate Highways, Transforming American Life by Tom Lewis.
The monumental story of the largest engineered structure ever built -- the American interstate highway system -- is told in dramatic text and pictures. This is the companion volume to the PBS documentary series of the same name.

Getting There: The Epic Struggle Between Road and Rail in the American Century by Stephen P. Goddard.
A well-done bit of social history, with its focus on the triumph of the road builders.

New Roads in Old Virginia by Agnes Rothery.
"There are good roads through Virginia now," bragged this delightful book, "and on each of them is threaded a succession of superb views and historic anecdotes." The perfect companion to the famed W.P.A. guide. Available to browse in the Porter reference collection.

Virginia: A Guide to the Old Dominion. Compiled by Workers of the Writers' Program of the Works Project Administration.
This classic W.P.A. travel book captured "Old" 1930s Virginia like a fly in amber -- before the development of its vast modern cities and busy interstate highways.

Web Sites

Marking History of Virginia Roadways: the State Historical Highway Marker Program
You have seen them as you zip along Virginia's highways. Nearly 2,000 historical highway markers provide motorists with vignettes of Virginia's history.

Roads to the Future: Highway and Transportation History Website for Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.
Links to all manner of wonderful on-line articles dealing with the history of the highways of the Old Dominion.

Senator Harry Flood Byrd of Virginia: The Pay as You Go Man
No one made more of an impact on Virginia highway history that the late Senator Byrd. Here is a splendid biographical site, prepared by the Federal Highway Administration.



This webliography accompanies the Lunch With History lecture "A Little Known Facet of Modern Virginia History – Highway Research, 1949-1960," presented by Dr. George M. Van Sant, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Mary Washington College, on November 19, 2003.