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The Rise and Fall of the Stars and Bars: A Bibliography of Sources

By Dr. John Coski
Director of the Library and Research at the Museum of the Confederacy


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Available online at no charge to CRRL patrons through Expanded Academic ASAP database.

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Court Decisions Involving Confederate Flags

Contact our law librarian for information on how to obtain copies of these decisions. These links may lead directly to the case, to supplemental information, or to case summaries.

Banks v. Muncie. 433 F. 2d. 292,298 (1970).

Melton v. Young. 328 F. Supp. 88 (1971).

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Modern Controversies

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Available online at no charge to CRRL patrons through the NewsBank database.

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Periodical Sources

Civil War News
Not available at Mary Washington College or the Central Rappahannock Regional Library.

*Confederate Veteran [new series], especially "Attacks on the Colors" section, 1988-
Available to browse in the CRRL's Virginiana section.

Southern Partisan
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This webliography was compiled by Dr. John Coski, Director of the Library and Research at the Museum of the Confederacy, to accompany his lecture "The Rise and Fall of the Stars and Bars," on October 15, 2003.