Mangrove Squeeze

By Laurence Shames

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"Key West seduces people -- then asks them to leave in the morning. Take Aaron Katz. He shucked his nine-to-five to restore Mangrove Arms, a rotting wreck of a guest house. Suki Sperakis sees opportunity in Florida, too. In the meantime, she's peddling ad space for a third-rate freebie paper. Then she stumbles upon a nefarious plot revolving around a handsome Russian and his string of T-shirt shops. Can't a guy manufacture plutonium in peace? Now, with the Russian mafia on her trail, freewheeling Suki is running for her life -- and right into the safety of Aaron's Mangrove Arms. As dead bodies sully the Key West scenery, a secret society of killers puts the squeeze on Suki and Aaron -- and conspires to turn an island paradise into a tropical death-trap... ."

On audio cassettes.

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