A Match Made in (Book) Heaven

Hook Up with a Book!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the mind often turns to The Feeling—you can’t sleep, can’t eat, and feel distracted during the day. Anything that takes you away from your beloved is a nuisance. If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably experienced the lovesickness brought on by the Perfect Book. Those sleepless, word-filled nights can take a toll, but who could pass up the thrill of finding that unforgettable, irresistible book? 

Hook Up with a Book!

That’s where Hook Up with a Book! comes in.

This February, your library staff would like to set you up with the book of your dreams!

Whether the newest James Patterson novel makes your heart skip a beat, or you swoon over a well-written biography, there’s an amazing book just waiting for you. To aid your matchmaking librarians, simply complete this online questionnaire and we’ll set you up with some of our finest offerings.

You can also stop in at England RunHeadquartersPorter,  Salem Church, or Snow to browse potential blind (book) dates in person.

Blind Date with a Book

Feel free to take your chosen book out—a visit to the park might help set the mood for some top-notch reading. Or, stay in and curl up in a cozy spot. Regardless of the setting, we’ll do our best to ensure the book in your hand finds its way to your heart!